108 Pack: Harry & David Mixed Flavor Individual Coffee Cups

  • Compatible with most single serve coffee makers, including Keurig
  • Includes Breakfast Blend, Caramel Pecan, Chocolate Cherry Decadence, Dark Roast, Northwest Blend, and Pumpkin Spice
  • There’s eighteen of each, so that should last you, like, a week or something
  • Model: 819007204b, 757407204, 816107204, 756107204, 758807204, which I take to imply that Harry & David has coffee blends numbering in the hundreds of millions
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Harry Podder and the Half-Cup Decaff

SNAPE: Turn to page 394.

HARRY: Excuse me, sir.

Where’s Professor Lupin?

SNAPE: That’s not really your concern, is it, Potter?

Suffice it to say your Defense Against the Dark Roasts professor finds himself incapable of teaching … at the present time.

Turn to page 394.

RON: Bloody hell, “Pumpkin Spice?”

HERMIONE: Sir, we just learned about roasting in the Ottoman Empire and Greater Persia.

We’re not meant to start that for weeks.

SNAPE: Quiet.

RON: When did she come in?

Did you see her come in?

SNAPE: Now, which one of you can tell me the difference between pumpkin spice and pudding spice?

No one?

How disappointing.

HERMIONE: Please, sir.

A pudding spice is a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.

A pumpkin spice is closer to a five-spice powder.

With each Fall, the pumpkin spice fan transforms, he no longer remembers who he is.

He’d kill his best friend for a taste.

Furthermore, the pumpkin spice fan only responds to the call of its own kind or detractors.

MALFOY: Pumpkin spice is overdone!

SNAPE: Thank you, Mr. Malfoy.

That’s the second time you’ve spoken out of turn, Miss Granger.

Are you incapable of restraining yourself… or do you take pride in having an insufferable perspective on coffee?

RON: He’s got a point, you know.

SNAPE: Five points from Gryffindor.

As an antidote to your ignorance, and on my desk, by Monday morning… two cups of coffee, with emphasis… on spiced blends.

HARRY: Sir, it’s Quidditch tomorrow.

SNAPE: Then I suggest you brew early, Mr. Potter.

Loss of limb will not excuse you.

Page 394.

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