10-Pack of Face Shields

  • A little protection beyond your mask
  • (No masks included here)
  • High quality elastic band makes it easy to put on
  • Foam to relieve pressure on your brain
  • You get 10 of them
  • Model: ZST2025_1_OS; 2025? That’s several 2020s from now!
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Face It

Let’s say you buy a new car, one with a ton of airbags. Even if that was one of the key selling points for you–even if it was the sole selling point, in fact–you probably won’t feel disappointed if not a single one of those airbags ever has reason to deploy.

Just like you won’t feel cheated if you go rollerblading with knee pads on and don’t fall. And if your smoke detecter burns through another battery without going off because you haven’t started any fires while trying to make sourdough? That’s not bad either. Actually, it’s the opposite of bad. It’s good.

That’s the thing about safety precautions: you take them despite hoping that taking them will end up being a waste of time.

And so, we’re not going to say you need these face shields. We don’t have enough information about your life or how things are where you live to make that kind of call. If you’re staying home, having everything delivered, and getting your outside time on the back deck or in open, mostly empty spaces, you’re probably fine. If you live in a denser area and go into businesses when necessary, a good mask is a smart investment.

But if the people at your grocery store are a little lax on giving you space, or you have to travel, or your work requires you to be packed into heavily trafficked indoor spaces–having a few face shields might not be a bad idea.

Furthermore, even if you live a low-risk life but it would just make you feel better to wear a shield, that’s cool too. Because that’s how safety works: there’s no such thing as too much of it.

Like, you’re never going to feel uncomfortable because your car has too many ways to protect you, or because your bike helmet has too much cushion, or because you have too many fire extinguishers in your kitchen. By the same token, wearing PPE that you’re not even sure you need isn’t going to hurt.

So get some face shields. They’re durable, comfortable, and available in adult and kid sizes.

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