10-Pack: Candy People Swedish Dala Horse Gummies (4 oz, 2.5lb total)

  • You don’t have to muscle your way through IKEA to get these anymore
  • Swedish horse candies roughly the size of the famous Swedish fish candies
  • Makes you wonder: is Sweden a place filled with adorable tiny horses or huge terrifying fish?
  • What do these have to do with the internet’s favorite animal, the capybara: nothing, but we do have some rad capybara shirts for sale over at Mediocritee
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A Horse, Of Course

If you’re looking at these gummy horse candies and wondering, Where have I seen these before?, it’s IKEA.

Yes, yes. That’s right. From the deal site that brought you “those cookies you recognize from the airline” comes a new classic: “those candies from the place you got your shitty desk.”

But, if you’ve ever had them, you have to admit, they’re pretty good. Or maybe better than pretty good. Like, maybe way better. At least, that’s what Amazon user D. Strobel believes:

I know it is crazy to order candy online, but this candy might just be the best candy you will every have.

We actually don’t think it’s crazy at all, D. We think it’s very very sane.

And it’s not just online reviewers who love these, either. Check the rider of just about any famous equine musical artist or band, and you’ll see these Swedish candies listed near the top. We’re talking big names here, real luminaries of the horse-music scene, groups and artists such as:

  • Musting
  • Pony Poni Pone
  • Thoroughbred Sheeran
  • Apaloo-sia
  • The Hoo(f)
  • The Twilight Saddle
  • Beyonc-neigh
  • Foal Out Boy
  • Rufus Maneright
  • Dick Clydesdale

Yeah, yeah. We know. Terrible puns.

But NOT terrible candy!

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