1/4 Carat TW Diamond Heart Toggle Bracelet in Sterling Silver

  • Tell that special someone: I heart you!
  • (You know, because it’s got a heart-shaped pendant on it)
  • Sterling silver, polished finish, 1/4ct diamond, etc.
  • Model: H34RT-H15T0RY
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A Work Of Heart

You’ve probably noticed a pattern these past few Wednesdays. That’s right, it’s our weekly sale to remind you that, oh yeah, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

Now, looking at these particular bracelets, we can’t help but think there are two types of people in the world.

Those who wear a subtle variation of their team’s colors to the game, and those who wear a jacket, a hat, a pair of sweatpants, a scarf, and some custom-ordered boots, all emblazoned with the team logo.

Those who go to the merch table after the show and get a button celebrating their favorite band to pin inconspicuously to their minimalist leather briefcase, and those who get the shirt with the wrap-around design featuring skulls, fire, swords, and tour dates.

Those who celebrate a special occasion with a small plate tasting menu and an expertly crafted 4-ounce cocktail, and those who go all-in on mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and the biggest steak they can get, washing it down with light beer served in an oversized stein shaped like a cowboy boot.

Those who like their jewelry elegant and diamond-clad, but ultimately understated, something that’s eye-catching while also seemingly apologizing for catching your eye at the same time, and those who like their jewelry to be cute and exuberant and fun and maybe a little schmaltzy because, hey, what is schmaltz if not joy dialed up to twelve?

Most of our previous jewelry offerings would fit in the former category. They’ve been small and shiny but not too shiny. These bracelets, though? They’re for those in the second demographic. We’re talking that person who wants something outwardly lovey-dovey on the loviest, doviest day of the year–something that looks nothing like the organ it’s named after but potentially takes its shape from the seedpod of silphium, a plant from the ancient African city-state of Cyrene that was used not just as a seasoning but also a contraceptive, thus giving it an association with sex and, in turn, love.

(Shouts to Mental Floss for that last bit.)

So get this bracelet and give it to that special someone who likes to live out loud this Valentine’s Day.

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