StormTech Training Jackets

  • Perfect for train riders of all experience levels!
  • Oh, also for ‘training’ in the sports sense of the word, apparently.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric, vertical contrasting mesh panels, adjustable drawcord hem, front zipper–all the trappings of a classic trainman!
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  • Model: SAJ200TNTW, SAJ200TBTW. Just FYI - TNTW = Too Naughty To Wear; TBTW: Too Bodacious To Wear.
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No Train, No Gain

Couldn’t help but notice your StormTech Training Jacket. Mind dropping me your line?

No! You misunderstand! I’m not asking for your phone number! I’m asking for the line you work for!

You’ll have to excuse me. My lingo might not be up-to-date. See, I’m what they call old school. I’ve been pushing chooch for damn near a half-century. I’ve made vapor across the plains and pitched coal while weaving through the Christmas trees. Did my time in the tunnels hauling suits to the suburbs, but found it all too predictable.

I like to live my life inches from the figurative third rail, close enough for a buzz but not so close that I get burned. Seems like just about every day I’m at the crossing, so to speak, and the gates are coming down, and the lights are flashing, and I can hear the horn in the near distance, and yet I manage to get out of it. I always do.

Which is thanks in part to my StormTech Training Jacket. It’s comfortable, even when the situation isn’t. Like, for example, when I’m burning track through a town with tail that’s damn near a mile long and full of corn syrup, and I’ve got just three hours to get to a depot that’s four states away–well, I don’t want to be dealing with that in some itchy overalls and a goofy hat. I want moisture-wicking fabric because you better damn believe I’m sweating. And I also want an front zipper and adjustable drawcord hem, in case the situation requires tearing it off or tightening things up.

Honestly, I think more industries are going to start following our lead and allowing their employees to dress for comfort rather than to uphold some antiquated definition of refinement and formality. We’re like the other conductors in that way, except what we’re leading is the orchestra of American progress.

So, anyway, what’s your line?

What do you mean you don’t have one? You’re wearing a training jacket!

Oh, huh. I guess I’ve never heard the word used in that way.

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