Hey people of Meh: did you know there’s a whole Black Friday event going on over at SideDeal today too?


2-Pack: iFrogz Free Rein 2 In-Ear Wireless Earbuds in Purple

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  • Crisp sound from some sweat-resistant buds with mic support
  • Magnetic clip for storage
  • Three sizes of earbud tips
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Day of Days

You’ve got your Black Fridays, your Cyber Mondays, your Prime Days… I think we can do better, as a society. Better retail holidays. More of them, and with more variety. In fact, I have a list of days that I think would be great additions!

30. Really Good Deals On Things You Already Own Day

That’s right, you know that TV you bought two days ago? Same store has a sale on it, and wow would you have saved some serious cash. Unbelievable.

I hear it is a common tradition to go to the store and spit at the help desk worker when they refuse to price match.

Remember to take off your mask first.

Otherwise it’ll be even more awkward when you’re ceremoniously escorted off the premises with a damp mask while the crowd cheers for you from behind velvet ropes.

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