3-Pack: T.Taio Esponjabon 2-in-1 Soap Sponge

  • It’s a bar of soap
  • It’s also a sponge
  • Choose your scents
  • Are they Mac compatible: Oh, totally, these would be great for your Mac’s bath time
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Scrub Your Feet

When we sold these in the May Meh-rathon, someone asked for feedback from those who’d purchased them previously, and user @jcpseattle provided a very thoughtful review. We’re going to go through it point-by-point here.

I got the aloe ones when they were offered before. Overall, it’s not a regret purchase, but I definitely do not need 12.

Noted, @jcpseattle. This time we’re offering a 3-pack for only $5.

The first two washes felt weird- the soap was really rough and it took some scrubbing to get down to the “sponge” part.

This is good to know because you probably wouldn’t think of these as the sort of thing that would need “breaking in.” But apparently, they do. So be patient. Treat them like one of those prestige TV dramas that everyone says really picks up after a few episodes.

The soap itself is pretty standard, and not moisturizing. I could see this being a great option if you live by a beach or go to a pool and need something easy to wash your feet off with while out.

Again, this comment is from May, when a day at the beach or pool was, for many of us, something to look forward to in the coming months. Now, it’s mid-June. Beach/pool season is here, baby! So get some foot soap!

(May we also say, this is what we love about running a site where we sell stuff for so cheap. If we were charging $8 for a single sponge, we’d probably want to talk about why these should be an integral part to some ten-step beauty routine. But for less than 2 bucks per, we can call them “foot soap” and you might actually think, Hey, not a bad deal for some foot soap.)

It’s also been a nice option for my toddler’s baths.

Cleans humans of all sizes!

It dries my skin out too much for me to use it regularly in the shower, though.

Again, this would be a bummer to share if we were selling these for a lot more. But at $5 for a 3-pack, we got two words for you: FOOT! SOAP!

So, get some! And keep your doggies clean this summer!

(Also, a big thanks to @jcpseattle for such a thorough breakdown.)

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