WWID? Amazon screw ups


What would Irk do?

Ya, if this is TL;DR, skip to the end of the missive…

I received a birthday gift a couple weeks ago via Amazon. It was something I don’t need or want, can’t make any use for. I opted to use Amazon’s gift return process and use the credit to purchase something I can use. Don’t get hung up on this bit, “what to do with unwanted gifts” isn’t the point.

Using Amazon’s online return process I printed a return label and shipped the item back on October 6th. When I did this, the online system indicated I would receive a gift card credit within 2 to 3 hours after they received the item.

Amazon received the item Monday morning, October 12th. By Thursday evening, October 15th I still had not received a credit. So I navigated Amazon’s horrible customer service system maze and spoke with them via phone call. 20 minutes later I was told I should see the credit within 2 to 3 hours.

By Monday morning, October 19th I still had not received a credit, so back to Amazon’s customer service maze, and another phone call. After roughly 90 minutes with a customer service rep who kept trying to ask me about my order for envelopes and paper clips I asked to be transferred to a sup or manager. Holding for 20 minutes, sup answers call, gets the whole sorted tale and insists she’s the person to solve all my worldly problems. Another 15 minutes later (in over 2 hours now) I was guaranteed I would see a credit within 2 to 3 hours.

By Tuesday afternoon, October 20th, still no credit. Back to the maze, another phone call, another interrogation, another promise of 2 to 3 hours. No thanks, I need to speak with your sup please.

I go through the whole thing with the sup and insist that I will stay on the line until my account shows the credit. Roughly about 90 minutes later I start to see credits trickling into my gift card balance. $22.91 here, $13.48 there… it seems the sup went back to old orders and started processing refunds until he reached a level of about the amount of my return gift value.

Fair enough. It took hours and hours, but if that’s what Amazon needs to do, so be it. I’ll take my balance and move on with my life.

That was Tuesday afternoon. On Thursday morning I received an email notification from Amz that my return had been processed and my gift card balance credited. Sure enough, the original return had finally been processed.

Amz-> CS maze-> Phone-> 25 minutes later and the CS rep is still trying to explain to me how it isn’t possible for her to process a return for $13.48 for an old order that had already been refunded. She didn’t want to hear that all I need is for her to reverse the (duplicate) credit which appeared this morning.

I’ve already put so much time and effort and frustration into dealing with I thanked her for her time and assistance and ended the call.

TL;DR: Amazon gave me a double credit for a single returned item. I tried to get them to fix it. What would Irk do?

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