Why is this Fuko different from all other Fukos?

PlacidPenguin thought this was worth mentioning said

Every time there is a Fuko (and back when there were Fukus), the forums were met with a line of people making posts and threads where they cursed over the fact that they were not able to waste $10.

Yet here we are, by the 20th day of Fukos (and Fukus), and I have seen less than a handful of complaints.

Keep in mind that penguins have flippers, so when I say ‘handful’ I mean 5 flippers worth.

Has Meh finally succeeded in breaking people’s hopes and dreams after 4 years, or have people finally realized that it’s not worth wasting their money on what is undoubtedly garbage?

Then again, I haven’t looked at the main product thread in a couple of hours, so there may be more complaints.

In which case, my only reaction is: