Who is still perfect with Meh Button Clicks


So thanks to @shawn, we now have profile pages, so we can see all sorts of cool info. And thanks to Meh's First Year Infographic, we also know who had perfect Meh streaks as of last year's anniversary.

So in an effort to occupy my mind with useless information, I wanted to delve deeper. Who is still perfect?

Well, on the infographic, we had 20 people who had a streak of 365. Now, this included Kickstarter backers AND people who weren't Kickstarters. With the Forum Profiles, now you can separate the two.

So, since the last roll call, here's who are still perfect since the site was launched.

Club 569 (Kickstarters who had the option to Meh on Day 0):

Club 568 (Started on Day 1):

People who have had their streaks broken since July 2015.
@grandall (Kickstarter, clicked Meh button 568 times, so he may be in Club 568 and didn't click Day 0. Can't confirm.)

So yeah, we have possibly only lost one member in the Meh Obsessed Button Clicking Craze. That's crazy.

Wait, I'm crazy....