Who is DoctorOW? (April Goat Introduction and AMA thread)

DoctorOW went on a bit of a rant said

I thought I’d introduce myself now that I’m officially Goated. I saw a few questions about who I was that I didn’t answer in the moment because I was laying low.


For starters nobody seemed to know my pronouns, I use She/Her typically. There may be some conflicting information because I came out as a trans woman at the start of this year and was using different pronouns

Username: DoctorOW

It’s time I come clean. I’m not actually a Doctor or even a graduate student or anything. @DoctorOW was picked because I think the name is funny, “Doctor O” was one of my first nicknames in life, and OW are my initials. If I were an actual Doctor, DoctorOW is probably what I’d call myself in real life. But I’m not, so I don’t.

More about me

I don’t want to overshare but I feel like a goat has some obligation to share something cool. My skill set is with programming and digital video so I’ll likely share things along those lines.

If there’s anything I missed let me know. I’m a fairly open book.