What's your favorite Meh-rathon schedule?

dave thought this was worth mentioning said

So we’ve done three versions so far. I think I’m getting this right:

Meh-rathon 1:
5 minutes: midnight/8am/4pm
1 hour: the other 21 hours
Total: 57 offers

Meh-rathon 2:
6 minutes: midnight/8am/4pm
30 minutes: 1am, 9am-3pm, 11pm
1 hour: 2am-7am, 5pm-10pm
Total: 60 offers

Meh-rathon 3:
10 minutes: midnight/8am/4pm
20 minutes: 1am, 9-noon, 9pm-midnight
1 hour: 2am-7am, 1pm-3pm, 5pm-8pm
Total: 55 offers

Which of those three was your favorite? What would you do?