What's in a name?


I’ve had this big beautiful blow up fox for a few months now. Long story short, he’s an inflatable I’d wanted for a very long time, and I love him to bits! There’s just one problem: he still doesn’t have a name! I want to call him something railroad-related, like a partial railroad company name, a locomotive part or piece of trackside equipment, etc. However, despite my best efforts (including taking him trackside), the cognitive cogs just aren’t turning. I can’t guarantee I’ll use any suggestions offered, but maybe they’ll at least get the creative juices flowing, so to speak. Examples could include pieces of railroad equipment or tools (Spike), cities served by railroads (Altoona), names of companies or builders (Lima), or really anything related to trains and railroading in general.

Here is the boy:

Brand new, a couple months back.

In the Megaplex hotel room this weekend.

Me riding him in the hotel pool!

Post your railroad-themed name suggestions below!