What would be your reaction to this?

Felton10 went on a bit of a rant said

On the evening Walter was put to sleep, I was given the option of coming to see him and saying goodbye. I was torn up enough and knew it was better not driving the 50 miles during rush hour to say goodbye. They gave me the option of having his ashes return to me in a urn, but never was a fan of that so opted for the community cremation with just my memories and pictures to remember him by.

Anyway received condolence cards from both the vet ($500+) and the avian ER ($4,300+) signed by various people (most who probably had no idea who he was with a little message to accompany their signature). Probably the least they could do given the amount of money I spent with each.

Two days ago received another envelope from the avian ER. Opened it and to my horror were some of Walter’s feathers-some grey and his signature red tail feathers. I lost it completely see those.

I would think given that I had no interest in getting his ashes that they would and should have checked with me before sending those feathers to me. Anyone have any thoughts on this.