What Was It ?

ceagee went on a bit of a rant said

It was 430amish.I was sound asleep. Suddenly I jumped awake ! The cats went on full alert. Someone or something was rummaging through our garbage.

Cue some scary chords <<

I brushed off fear and thought it's probably just a possum or skunk.
Grabbed my Lenser T7 woot special and peered out the window. I didn't want to scare it before I saw it. But it was too dark to see anything. And I was holding back on my beam.Decided to turn the porch light on, knowing whoever it was would run.
Nope. Lights on, cans still clanking. They were going through my recycle bin !
Ok if I open the door for sure they will run, will I be able to catch them before they take off ?
I open the door as quiet as I could for an old squeaky hunk of wood and peered around the corner w/ my trusty light. Red eyes blinked back at me through the beam of my Lenser. It didn't run. It was not afraid.
In fact it didn't give me more than a passing glance.

Who or what was in my recycle bin last night ? Had I guessed correctly ? Did I have to call the police ? Did I need stitches ? What do YOU think ?

(picture will be posted later tonight)