Weird Food Combos


My grocery store does this thing where a person stands up front, cooking simple meals that you can get a recipe card and all the ingredients right there, after you try the meal.

Today the sign said Blue Cheese Crunch Burgers and Rock and Roll Burgers.

Lady is assembling the burger. I see some kind of sauce, the burger, onions, bacon. Ok, looks good. I don’t read the recipe card, I just take my piece of burger and move out of the way for the other people waiting.

As I go to eat it, I get this odd smell of peanut butter. Surely, it can’t be the burger. Yep. It’s the burger. It’s a really sweet peanut butter too.

Apparently I got the Rock and Roll burger. I can only guess it’s supposed to be modeled after Elvis’ famous peanut butter sandwich.

I must say it was really gross.

Do you eat any weird combos that are good? Have you tried any gross stuff that people think is good?