Walkera Runner 250 FPV bundle


A couple of days ago I ordered the Walkera Runner 250 discussed in this thread. I opted for the FPV bundle for $389.

The bundle includes a Runner 250 "upgrade" version, Basic 3 package, plus the Walkera Google2 FPV goggles.

"Basic 3" package adds FPV camera, FPV TX and OSD module.

According to the supplier, "upgrade" version adds folding dual receiver antennas, a taller mushroom FPV TX antenna, and upgraded 2500KV motors. In reality, this is the latest version of the standard (not Advance) Runner 250. But... since there are still new-in-box supplies of the previous versions out there, it's good to know I received the latest iteration.

enter image description here

The supplier shipped this bundle stuffed inside a poly shipping bag, so the retail packaging shows some signs of mileage.

The contents, however, are well packaged and quite secure:

enter image description here

The Runner 250 was fully assembled and ready to fly. Contents of the box includes:
• Walkera Runner 250
• FPV Camera, OSD and TX
• 11.1v 2200mAh battery
• Battery charger and power supply
• Devo 7 transmitter
• ONE set of rotors, took kit, manual, trainer cable, etc.

enter image description here

It's a pretty sweet, well engineered little racer:

enter image description here

The Goggle2 package:

enter image description here

• Goggle2 FPV goggles
• 7.4v battery (must be charged with Runner 250 charger)
• Mushroom and "rubber duck" antennas
• A/V cable
• Various Trainer Port cables (for head tracker function)

Disappointingly, no headphones were included.

enter image description here

I haven't flown yet, but I did "hand fly" it around the living room, with FPV goggles installed on my eyeballs. This is going to be an interesting experience!

Batteries are on their respective chargers, so maybe I'll get a flight in before sundown. Worthy of noting the battery on the Runner 250 is identical to the P1 battery in size and shape. Further, the chassis easily accommidates my Pulse 2700mAh batteries, and looks like it will take a Black Magic 3000mAh battery.