Unlike Obama, Trump Has Earned a Nobel Peace Prize


Nobel prize committee’s credibility is on the line

"…When President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, he had been in office less than 10 months. Two presidential terms later, Obama had backed a war of regime change in Libya, a normalization agreement with a terror regime in Iran, and the “red line” fiasco in Syria, which likely encouraged military takeovers by the Kremlin in Crimea and by Beijing in the South China Sea. In September 2015, the Nobel committee’s former secretary expressed regret for granting the award to Obama, who not only had not earned it by 2009 but had squandered any claim to it after six years in office.

For Trump, the Nobel committee was right to wait until he had an actual record of governance and demonstrated a real commitment to peace before considering him for the prize. Now the committee has the opportunity to regain the credibility it lost in 2009…"

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