Time to ignore Amazon? "prime day" is about here


I intend to mostly ignore this. In the past it’s been an invitation to insta click on attractive stuff I didn’t need or want, and the offered discounts weren’t so great.

I’ll prob add a few items I need to my cart or wishlist and see if I get a notification.

This topic is a place to discuss prime day deals, and whether or not they all suck.

Here’s my deal to mention:

If you love audiobooks, audible is currently offering an annual subscription at a discount
12 credits for $99


(Warning, if you get this, it will renew annually and the renewal will be at the regular price of about $150. Seta calendar reminder to cancel if you don’t want that.)

(Don’t cancel a mbership before spending your credits. If you cancel a membership you lose any credits you have that aren’t spent. If you use a credit to buy a book, then you keep the book after you cancel the membership)

This is the best cost per credit I’ve ever seen audible put forward; the offer also allows additional discounted purchases or credit should someone want more of them.

All audible subscription memberships also include unlimited access to the new large category of “audible plus” titles. Audible Plus is kinda like Kindle Unlimited, except for audiobooks. It’s got quite a bit of attractive stuff, and includes audible’s new audible-exclusive podcasts.

I’m an audiobook fan, and this is a great offer. Audiobooks usually cost far more than $10 each.

(Anyone who likes audiobooks should also take a look at chirpbooks for great sales)

I know there’s already a deals topic. It seems to have vanished under the meh-rathon, and amazon can be worth it’s own topic.