This or That, the Last


Posting a little early because my dad sold his house today (yay!) and he really needs help packing tomorrow. Sanity in the balance…

So we have come to the end of November, and of my goathood.

Now I know some of you have been frustrated at the lack of familiarity of some of the choices this month. But I do hope it has served to expand your knowledge base – or at least entertain you. But for this last question, I wanted to be sure there was no way anyone would feel left out. You know, because I’m just that kind of guy…

So we say goodbye with the classic question that is relevant to all, for it gets at the heart of how you view the world.

Do you see the glass as:
half empty

or half full

And to @bleedmichigan (making an assumption, but I don’t think I’m out too far on a limb):

That is all

I’m out!