This or That, Day 7


Yes, I know it’s early, but I have to be in Syracuse tomorrow first thing so I’m going to bed soon. I’m sure you can deal with it.

I don’t know about you but yesterday was fun for me. Strangely, the first vote was for a “merged” mutant character, which led to additional such suggestions. Not sure what to make of that, but I do have some friends who are mental health experts, so I may ask them, especially if I would need to avoid any of you in a dark alley (I suspect that’s a good rule regardless…).

Some knew the actresses right away; some needed a little more…help. Some of you voted for the actresses, some for the characters, and some because of their other roles. And we got the requisite “none of the above, I’m going to give you my own totally unrelated choice, thank you very much” thumb in the eye. Yep, the Meh universe is in balance.

On that theme, we even had a cross-thread “balancing” vote referring to the DC/Marvel rivalry from Tuesday – nicely done! But either way, Chloe (Krysten Ritter) seems the clear winner, despite the fact that apparently even her mother would have voted for June.

Keeping with the theme of different female characters, if obscure short-lived comedies with a couple young women in their 20’s didn’t do it for you, how about a couple who are 79 and 91? No, it’s not

Though you have to like Sophia

No today’s choice is between
Minnie (91 on the 18th!)

or Daisy