This or That, Day 20


Well driving-themed choices definitely seem to have gotten people out of the house. And much like Clarkson, May and Hammond, whether or not you stayed within your lane was ultimately irrelevant.

Don’t worry, there will be more car-themed preferences coming up, but we have a lot of other things to get through and I planned a music theme for today, you know, because what can better get you over hump day than a good tune?

So as we think about what kind of music might be best for such a day, I tried to come up with something that might be fairly universally appealing. I mean, I might like 16th century pipe organ, or a good percussion ensemble, but that’s likely to get me a lot more Wonder Woman submissions, and we all know there will be plenty without giving you any help. And yes, I do know what is coming and thought she was surprisingly good (if that was actually her, that is). Here, I’ll get you started:

I also wanted it to be something that can be both soothing for a bad day and energizing for a good day and I think I found a couple good candidates.

Family of the Year

or Lord Huron

And I know, these groups may be outside your usual playlist, but take the opportunity to expand the soundtrack to your life, whether that includes anyone named Ashley or not.