This or That, Day 16


Well, aside from the obligatory (and wholly expected) Wonder Woman entry, the opinions yesterday about the planetary status of Pluto would indicate that the topic definitely struck a chord. Some leaned more on sentiment from their childhood memories, some more on current scientific definitions, and others more on the philosophical position of the natural evolution of language.

I learned quite a bit about the New Horizons mission, other “minor planets” like Eris, the International Astronomical Union, cheesecake, and vegetables.

And I vote the best quote of the thread:

If ketchup can be a vegetable then Pluto can be a planet

And even for those whose answer is “I don’t care” or “it doesn’t matter”, your reasonings were, mostly coherent.

So perhaps the key is things from outer space. And what better way to extend our discussion of things from outer space than professional wrestling

So today’s selections are between the classic and the modern, the original and the new,

or WWE