This CAN'T be that hard !?!?!

scfd0766 went on a bit of a rant said

I have a 93 year old step-father-in-law whom can barely hear, so headphones are not an option. All he wants is an AM/FM radio with NO/zip/zero/zilch/nada other bells & whistles. (Yes, he gets confused & aggravated easily … so no bluetooth/wireless/CD/memory stick or card - you get the picture - “KISS”. He wants a good, old fashioned AM/FM radio, & is getting fairly fed up with my inability to supply him with same. Trouble is, for the sanity & health safety of everyone else he lives with, we all need one simple little thing to make it all happily livable - a remote control which will mute that radio’s volume upon command. Maybe it’s me … it just sounds like it should be child’s-play easy … & yet here I sit, drink in hand, (ears) & hair on fire, with 3 ( yup, 3) radios purchased wherein the remotes work for everything BUT the radio portion of the show! It’s not a question of cost - can ANYBODY out there tell me what make/model to ask for & where I can buy it from? This is a serious beg for help I am sending out into the fellow Mehrican ether … anything, anybody?