The whispers topic: an experiment.


Q: Is this potentially useful?

Better q: will anyone actually use it?

Best q: how stupid is this?

Speak up. Don’t be shy.

The purported purpose:

Annoyed by having your whisper conversations scattered all over the place in different topics, the names of many of which said topics you can no longer remember?

Thought I’d try creating a dedicated topic for whispers. Find them here.

/image whisper

Here’s the idea. (Prob a useless idea)

Create a post. To @mediocrebot or to yourself or to whomever.

“Whisper reply” to it, editing the “included mehmbers” list in the “whisper reply” to include only those persons with some you wish to chat privately at this time.

Then you can have a whisper conversation that you can easily find later, by searching for the “whisper topic”.

What about those whispers which went into other topics, because that’s where they were relevant?

Create a whisper in this topic addressed only to yourself. In the body of this whisper, link to the whisper thread in the other topic.
Then it’s easy to find.

As I mentioned, this is prob an excruciatingly clumsy and useless idea. To solve a prob that likely bothers no one but me.

I do seriously hate searching emails for ocasional whispers when I wanna refer back to one. But that’s just me. : (

I don’t whisper often. But I get annoyed when I have to go to email searching to find one.

Everyone: please tell me what a bad idea this is, or whatever. Openly, or by whisper.

I guess funny/witty critiques are best made public. Right?

/giphy “public whisper”