The Best Pasta Movie Photoshops


Happy Pasta Photoshopping, everyone! All right, here’s a totally arbitrary selection of entries. I’ll be giving each of you a PASTASHOPPER code to use for a free PastaDrop (uh, when we next drop pasta, on Monday).

You know, sometimes your job is pretty normal, meetings, to-do lists, managing. And sometimes you say “I wonder what it’d be like if pasta was in movies” and then a week later, you have dozens and dozens of pictures of that. And videos! Let’s start with those:





And then the pics. Again, if you’re somewhere on this list (and you’re not an employee of ours, sorry) you’ll have one PASTASHOPPER coupon to use.



















Did I miss any of your favorites? Feel free to photoshop some more if you’d like. Oh, and let me know if you have any theme ideas for potential future pasta Photoshop contests.