Thanksgoating - Day seven. Mornin' sunshine


I wake up every morning with a smile because I wake up every morning and can smile.

I typically wake up around 3AM and toss and turn for a while and roll out of bed sometime after 4:00. I’m a morning person. Some people are. Some aren’t. All good. I used to stay up til 4:00, now I get up at 4:00 The problem is when I wake up, my brain says, ‘Ok… it’s go time!’ So… I’ve learned not to argue with it and get the day started.

Today, I am thankful for sunrises.

Some people are sunset folks. Me… I’m a sunrise guy. I’d like to think I have modestly high appreciation for the beauty in nature. I’m a computer guy, I’m a geek, I spend most of my day working with tech. Getting away from all that makes for a reasonable balance. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not looking for a 300 mile trek on the Appalachian Trail. I’m more of a sit, exhale and enjoy kind of guy.

Which is why I like sunrises. You can just relax and wait and appreciate it as it grows. And that’s why we have come back to this island so many times. The sunrises over Oyster bay are incredible. Even my wife, who is certainly NOT a morning person, gets up early to appreciate them.

It’s always nice to start your day with a work of art that feels like it was made just for you.

Happy Monday, all. I’m still on vacation!

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