Thanksgoating - Day eight. The cops are here!


Today I’m thankful for all the first responders.

Law enforcement, Fire fighters, EMTs… anyone who is willing to step in and help you without even knowing your name.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for these people who work very hard jobs, frequently in very dangerous situations. They are frequently are over looked and often lambasted due to a few bad apples. To make an analogy that is close to me, first responders are like IT folks (although far more important). You never really see them until you need them.

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend an afternoon with our county’s finest just before Halloween for a community event. Really awesome people. And they’re just like me and you. But they’ve got your back when you don’t even know it.
enter image description here

If you every encounter one in the wild, tell them thank you, and have a safe day. They would probably appreciate that.