Taxes - today (4/4) is the last day for promo turbo tax free basic/deluxe version and free e-filing

Kidsandliz went on a bit of a rant said

I finally read old junk emails. Turbo tax has a promo going on that ends tonight (4/4 no idea which time zone) where you can file your state and federal taxes for free (provided they can be done by the basic or deluxe program and you only need to file in one state) and they will also e-file them for you for free.

I have used turbo tax before. Just did mine this free way. One thing that is confusing is that initially they offer you the “basic” version for free and if you want audit support, etc. they want to charge you $30 and they call it the “deluxe” version. If you click on the basic (the forms and e-filing are free) they still run you through turbo tax deluxe for free if you have deductions. What you will find that they ask you if you have a number of different categories of deductions. If you then click on the deductions you will have they then essentially run you through turbo tax deluxe. If you have no deductions then they run you through the basic program.

You are limited to one state return for free (so won’t work if you have to file your state taxes in two states). So if turbo tax basic or deluxe meets your tax needs, you don’t need to fill out two state tax forms then you can have the online program fill out everything and then e-file your federal and state forms for free for you.

At the very end you can print your tax forms. You get an email confirmation that they have been submitted.