Spring Book Club/Reading whatever!


Are we still doing this?

I just finished a probably illegal download from archive.org of an out-of-print book on earth mysteries and anomalies by an author who’s apparently a Holocaust-denying white supremacist under his real name (it domimated my twitter feed on New Year’s Day, but I think that was just a couple of people discussing it and maybe only my twitter feed). It was OK! I’m pretty sure he skewed information and left out parts that didn’t support his thesis! I liked it anyway, because I’ve read his other (earth anomaly, not Holocaust-denying) book and love it. The typos from the illegal scan were ridiculous, though still totally worth it to not have to pay over $100 for a 40-year-old paperpack.

eBook deal: Don’t know how long this price on kindle at amazon for Fritz Leiber’s Conjure Wife will last, but today it appears to be $1.99, so if you’re been yearning to read his famous faculty-wives-are-witches novel, go!