We got into a slightly in-depth discussion of scary televsion shows in the thrift store scores thread, and it’s put me in the mood for broadcast-suitable terror!

Night Gallery, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, The Twilight Zone, Ghost Story/Circle of Fear, Thriller, One Step Beyond, Tales of the Unexpected, Tales from the Darkside, Tales From the Crypt, Friday the 13th–what’s missing from the list? Which is your favorite? Do you have a weird obsession with the episode of Thriller where Lloyd Bochner buys the mirror of Count Cagliosto and discovers it’s been painted over for a very good reason? Do you think the best episode of Night Gallery is anything other than The Return of the Sorcerer* with Vincent Price and Bill Bixby (you’re wrong, if so)? What’s your favorite spooky episode of an otherwise non-spooky show?

Post anything you like here, I’ll start off with Mork & Mindy’s A Morkville Horror, just because I was lucky enough to attend the taping (I used to swear you could hear me cough briefly, and pinpoint the moment, but I haven’t watched it in decades and can’t do it now. If you hear what sounds like a 7-year-old coughing, assume it’s me). The nice thing about this youtube video is that it’s the Chicago broadcast, so it’s exactly what we saw when we watched it on tv in '79.