Spooky Goat day twenty-nine! SPOOKY FORTUNE-TELLING



My understanding from the greatest Halloween book of all time, Heigh-Ho For Halloween by Elizabeth Hough Sechrist, is that Halloween is a time for fortune-telling. I can’t tell you more than that now, because I have no idea where I put my copy. And I was going to show you my Halloween Tarot by Kipling Smith, but, again, don’t know where it is. I moved a month ago. Unpacking is apparently for other people, not me.

But I DO know where my incomplete Ka-Bala game is, so here’s a picture! Yes, it was 99¢ at Goodwill. Yes, it was originally $4.76 at Children’s Bargain Town U.S.A. No, I don’t know where Children’s Bargain Town U.S.A. was. I want to. It’s base and the box, so it’s probably useable if I print out copies of the little tarot cards and find the right-sized marble. The instructions are available online. The spinning, glowing eye for the top is probably out of my reach. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful that I found it. The part where it was so cheap is just insane icing on the spooky cake. I would have spent more for the box alone.
enter image description here

I recently got something else special I’ve been looking for off-and-on for about 30 years, also incomplete: a Kreskin’s Krystal pendulum kit! And it was half-price at Goodwill, which is, not as insane as the Ka-Bala, is still pretty insane. It was the box, the Lucite base and the booklet. As a bonus, under the plastic insert there was a busted-up planchette, which I honestly find a little frightening! The pendulum part was gone, but, weirdly, a few years back I bought a different pendulum game which had an identical-looking pendulum. I’m guessing it’s bigger because when I put it together the lid doesn’t close, but I’m thinking about blaming the planchette for that.