Somebody has offered me a Free Motorhome. What should I do?


OK, so that’s the clickbait. Someone I know acquired an abandoned RV at a storage facility auction. It’s not running and they don’t really have a way to move it, so they offered it to me for nothing if I can get it off the self-storage property before the next monthly payment is due.
Zimmer Motor Coach. The luxury RV and limo maker was only in business for a few years in the late 1980’s. Exterior design: Imagine a low-slung version of the GMC Motorhome (from the 1970s). These Zimmer Coaches are built on an extended F-150 chassis but revised to be front wheel drive. This unit is a 1987 model, about 20ft wheelbase & maybe 26-29ft long overall; has a 351W mated to a Ford automatic transmission, transfer case, and front drive axle – interesting setup.
Was driven onto its current location 5 years ago and never moved since. One side window broken by hail, main door seems a little skewed & doesn’t close quite right. Carpet is ruined and interior smells badly of mildew, but seating is all plastic-wrapped and might be salvageable (unless critters managed to get inside). No batteries, no brakes, tires won’t hold air.
Any ideas about a low-cost way to haul this thing outta there? Normal charges for towing large RV/coach normally start at $350 and can go hundreds more. I’m pretty handy around the house, but don’t really work on cars (does installing hitch frames and trailer wiring count). Where would I take this thing to have it ‘returned to service’?

TL;DR . Am I crazy to be interested in this vehicle?
1987 Zimmer Motor Coach