Slowly, gently....

sohmageek went on a bit of a rant said

All yesterday, and especially last night, I was on edge. It was my anniversary, April fools, and easter. All in the back of my head I keen that something was unfurling in the background. Splendor that no one could imagine or foiled at any plot.

Darkness. That’s where it all began. Something made me stir a bit when I heard the unmistakable sound of electric powered wheels. It wakes even the deepest of sleepers. My son, even woke up and told me the tale of a 6 ft tall robot in his room. But he has quite the imagination so we looked be he was not there.

Silently, we searched high and low. Our senses were on alert, but the minds were still asleep. Out of the corner of my eye I though I saw something stri, but the room was such a mess… we had to abandon the search, but just when we lowered our defenses that’s when mediocrebot attacked!

The bot started with silly string all over, then it knocked over my beer. With a guttural growl I went in, it was a scene straight out of a comic panel. I’m the end I heard music and laughing. But all that remained was a meh box and a stubby grabby arm that I ripped out of mediocre bot. It was a beautiful night.

Then I woke up. (Ok. Crappy mediocre bot story, but I’m also half asleep and this felt like being in school again.