Cerridwyn thought this was worth mentioning said

Is CaseMates the only one forced to use UPS?

most of my stuff from Morningsave and Meh have come via USPS - yeah, I know from the fulfillment place you all use.

My latest UPS mess, was this message on something they delivered, no, not casemates, Left At: Contact UPS for additional information
And well, UPS hasn’t a clue because guess what, the driver didn’t log it.

Casemates goes to work, and commercial UPS is decent in our area, better often than FedEx because they pay better attention to office hours (I work in a community where about 90% of it closes at 2 PM on Fridays).

But starting to get concerned if large items ordered from other parts of the overall Mediocre family might be routed through United Parcel Shitservices.