Sell your Hometown like you really mean it!


Tell us why we would want to vacation in your hometown.
We all know the Disney vacations can be a bit pricey and not everyone has the cabin on the lake to go to so let us know why we would even consider your hometown for a vacation.
Someone (cough, cough, @fuzzmanmatt, cough) in another topic called my hometown a “miserable tourist town” and I thought to myself that this person just didn’t know what was there. This got me thinking about all the small medium and large cities around the country that the average person knows very little about. To be honest, I have not a clue why anyone would want to visit Dallas, New York, or even Bucksnort, TN.

So convince me to spend a week or two in your hometown.

BTW: If all you can say is, “You wouldn’t want to.” than let us know where it is and why we wouldn’t.