Screenprint Sundays rankings


So, I made a spreadsheet to rank the Screenprint Sundays.

Screenprint Sunday by the numbers

A few caveats:

  • I’m ignoring the cost difference between the “normal” shirts and the larger sizes, since I have no idea how many of the more expensive shirts were sold.
  • To get the breakdowns of Meh-branded and Mediocre-branded sales, I have to measure angles on the screen like an animal. Which would be totally unnecessary if Meh would only spell out the percentages behind the “Which items are you buying?” graphs, dammit.
  • For that reasons and others, I’m compiling the data by hand — don’t expect MehStalker levels of automation here. In other words, it’s a very mediocre spreadsheet.
  • The rankings are based on dollar sales, not the quantity sold.
  • It’s crying out for some kind of analysis of the value of Meh/Mediocre-branded merchandise vs generic, but I don’t have a clue how to do that.
  • I’m not counting shirts sold in the Meh-rathon, though I might change my stance if I ever win a motherfreaking IRK. (Read: “never in a million years.”)
  • I do count non-shirt items, as long as it’s a Screenprint Sunday.

Screenprint Sunday by the numbers