RunCam, GoPro, iLook+, Vivitar camera comparison


This will be my comparison of these four "action cam" models:

  • GoPro Hero 3+ Black
  • Walkera iLook+
  • RunCam HD
  • Vivitar DVR 787HD

I'm sure we all expect the GoPro to be the hands down winner, but it will be interesting to see how close the other (much less expensive) cameras stack up.

One of my peeves about camera comparisons is when the video isn't all recorded at the same moment from exactly the same angle. Changes in lighting and angles occur when a reviewer attempts to replicate "about the same angle and movement". So in my case, I attached all four cameras to a board, and will record all four examples at the same moment. Angles won't be exactly the same, because the cameras are spread out by a total of 10 inches, but it's close enough for my satisfaction:

enter image description here

All cameras will be set as close as possible to the same configuraion. All four support 1080p/30, so that's the baseline. White balance, exposure, etc. will be set to the defaults for all cameras. All stills and video will be "raw". No post-production corrections of any kind will be applied.

This will be a bit more time consuming than I had originally anticipated, so expect this thread to grow as I record more video and take more stills. Assembling the video footage is quite labor intensive, so I appreciate your patience through the process.