Retirement - what's on your bucket list?

hammi99 went on a bit of a rant said

Mehtizens of the World:

Right before COVID hit, in February 2020, I decided to retire. It started off as a passing comment to my wife “I need to take a year off” and her response was “Why not two years”? So what started as a short-term sabbatical became a long-term sabbatical and eventually turned into retirement. At first, Feb 2020 was terrible timing since couldn’t travel and general restrictions world-wide, but in hindsight, it was pretty good timing as COVID provided a good excuse to transition various businesses to the next generation of leaders (I run several funds and directly oversee many high growth businesses).

So here I am, with plenty of time to do the equivalent of what many folks would say “climb Mount Everest” - indeed, 2021 saw a lot of opportunity for me to take on interests and side hobbies that I generally put in the “If I had more time, I would …” category. By time, I mean serious time dedication to mastering a particular skill, not just a recreational, non-time-sensitive skill or hobby.

For instance, I have taken up “severe interpersonal conflict resolution” (hard core firearms training with full blown indoor/outdoor simulation, etc - don’t make this a political discussion please), urban escape and evasion skills, drifting (cars), etc.

I am looking to explore more entertaining things to broaden my horizon and mind; thus, I appeal to you, a fellow Mehtizen, to further inspire me. If I run out of things to occupy my time, my retirement would turn to semi-retirement and back to sabbatical and back to work to keep my mind busy. shudder. Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated. Thanks.