Relaxing IRKs.


Now I’ve got 2 tats and I should get billions of free IRKs.

And what I notice is that the Meh-rations become just a wonderful relaxing chat with friends and acquaintances

Along with the usual silly stuff, and maybe a purchase here or there, or maybe not a purchase

Meh-rations were apparently ever so slightly irritating to me in the past because I was pretty sure I would have to scramble to get an IRK or I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get an IRK

And I was irritated that it was a pain

And I was irritated when they were expensive with coupons

And I was irritated when I knew I wouldn’t get one

The irritation was kind of under my awareness level. I just put it away.

But this time, when I’m going to get billions of them (no sweat), the whole thing is like being at the best ever pool party, sipping a drink in the shade, and not caring about anything and not having any deadlines

/giphy hammock shade