Ramblings from (possibly)* the Goat - Spam Museum

JnKL thought this was worth mentioning said

I want to take a moment to extol the virtues of one of the more interesting museums I have had the opportunity to visit.
The Spam Museum.
Deep in the bowels of Austin (iirc) is an unassuming building that is dedicated to the introduction, development, and useless trivia surrounding the worlds finest canned Shoulder, Pork, and haM.
It is filled with displays of vintage meat packing technology and facts about how Spam has been there for us, a grateful nation.
After meandering through the maze of a museum, you will find yourself in the souvenir shop with opportunities to buy Spam clothing as well as every variety of Spam they offer. Have any of you enjoyed Spam and Pineapple? Or spicy Spam?

Has anyone here visited the Spam Museum on purpose? Tell your story and entertain the rest of us!

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