QUIP may cause death

vastomers went on a bit of a rant said

This is a copy of my 4th email to various people at Quip.

My wife has nerve damage in her hand due to cancer and the light weight of the Quip is a Godsend. Several day ago I was surprised to find the brush head on the bathroom floor and the motor assembly nowhere to be seen. She keeps the quip in a glass on the bathroom sink. Finally we located the motor in the wastebasket some 7 feet away. We are the only two people living in our house and the only explanation is that the Quip turned on later that morning and launched the 2 parts under spring pressure. I also found the battery completely drained so it had been running for a long time. It normally runs for 2 minutes and gives a pause at 30 seconds.

With another new battery and new brush head, the unit again worked fine. Yesterday morning we were awaked at 3 AM by a loud buzzing noise coming from the bathroom. I found the Quip had spontaneously turned on. I could only turn it off by pulling off the brush and pulling the motor to disconnect. Later I reassembled the unit and now it no longer works. I checked battery with battery test meter. Clearly there is a defect in the motor.

One thing that your company should be concerned about is a safety issue. If the brush and motor could be launched spontaneously with such force that the parts traveled 7 feet, what if that happened while in someone’s mouth? There could be injury to one’s cheek or even could cause choking if it launched down the throat.

I purchase the product in good faith and feel you should replace it.

Company response below:

Thank you so much for following up with me!

If you’d like to reactivate your warranty and resume receiving replacement shipments, in order to move forward with our troubleshooting process for a possible replacement, you can sign up for a new refill subscription and I’d be happy to assist you

To complete this you can visit www.getquip.com/refills to create a new plan and once you have competed your new order, please follow up with me and I’m here to help you further!

Thank you for your patience and please let me know how you’d like to proceed!


So they want even more money. So now time for me to contact Consumer Product Safety Commission.