Open apology to Mercatalyst customer support team

ironcheftoni went on a bit of a rant said

First and foremost, those that work the front lines of customer support are awe-some. No doubt about it. But lest my name be on their dartboard of trouble tickets they don’t want to see, I owe the team an apology.

I had quite a few Meh and SideDeal coupon codes to burn and our company was doing a Toys for Tots drive so I placed several orders a few weeks ago for nifty toys I thought would be great for the kiddos. Got confirmations that they were shipped; Great! Then I got emails that they were delivered, um No. Only one of the three were delivered. Emailed support, got a response that they have been delivered and to take it up with the post office.

At this point, I should have put on my tech support hat and looked closer to what the problem was. But no, I went borderline Karen and responded that they were not delivered. In reality, three orders got the same tracking number attached to them instead of the individual tracking numbers that should have occurred. But eventually all orders got delivered, all is well and toys were taken to the office today.

I promise to do better in the future. Please don’t put my name on the dartboard.