Need iPhone SE case advice (again)

DennisG2014 went on a bit of a rant said

Hey -
So, last time I asked this question, I got an OtterBox Defender, which is a great, rugged case. But, I just activated the phone and will now be carrying it around using it as an actual phone instead of just my in-car music source.
This means I need a case that will fit in my pocket better than the bulky Defender.

Been searching on Amazon for slim cases, but none of them seem to come with screen protection (well, what they call screen protection is just a raised lip).
It’s going to be in the pocket with my keys, so I need something to keep them from gouging up the screen.

I haven’t been able to find any search terms to use that yield what I’m looking for, so if anyone knows what I should search for, that’d be great.
Also if you have specific brand/model recommendations, that’d be great too.

Or, do I buy case and screen protection separately?
I see that you can buy just the thin, clear sheets to cover the screen, but how do I know if they’ll fit with the case?

Sorry for the noob question, there’ll probably be more.
Thanks in advance for any help.