My Goat


So why have I not been posting? It’s not bc I’m lazy or don’t want to, I’ve been having really bad migraines and can’t look at my screen. I’ve had migraines as long as I can remember, I even got a hysterectomy bc they were (mostly hormonal) and so bad and would me on the couch and in bed for a week at a time on a regular basis. I guess what I under estimated was how much of the migraines were coming from the nerve pain from my work injury.
I do everything I can for them in terms of help. I see a neurologist, I take medication, I drink lots of water, sleep, stay away from trigger foods/drinks. When it come to medication I’m limited bc I’ve had a stroke and blood clot in my brain so majority of migraine medications I can’t take. I often end up at the hospital for a migraine cocktail and that works but can only afford that so much so I suffer at home.

My question is, has anybody found any homeopathic things that work but don’t induce migraine in the beginning? I did try whatever it is where they put the needles all over you and maybe I had a bad few experiences with it or someone who didn’t know what they were doing but I got really bad migraines from that too. I’ve also spent thousands of dollars on massages (no more money for that) bc my muscles are so tight and constantly locked up from my injury and just when they finally were to the point of loosening me up (after 2 years of going 3 times a week) I ran out of money. My boyfriend is constantly arguing with me to get away from western medicine and try something more natural but I just don’t trust it.