My FeiyuTech Mini3d Problem

sp3ar thought this was worth mentioning said

Hey bros hope you are all doing well. So I finally got around to buying the mini3d for the p 1.1.1 that i got on meh and made myself some lovely adapter cables and some new holes for the huge multicable. After first power up it wouldn't do anything but point down everytime I powered it up. So I updated the firmware in hopes that would fix it. After a failed update success it doesn't face down anymore. But for some reason I don't have function from my F1 F2 slots. I activated it in the Naza and deactivated the IOC channel so I can have Tilt on the back lever and the IOC switch to be my mode setting switch? (hopefully possible) But I have no movement from the gimbal other then it following me moving the Phantom around. Perhaps there is no signal coming out of the gimbal or through the cable? Could I check for levels in the signal lines? I am happy it at least tracks heading.... hoping to figure this problem out.