Merry Month of Meh-Mas Impeachment Part 2


So for the third time in the history of our country a president has been impeached. Johnson for his supposed violation of the Tenure of Office Act, Clinton for perjury about Monica and obstruction of justice, and now Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Pretty fun time we live in. In addition the former CEO of Worldcom got out of prison 12 years early. So I know people hate talking politics because everyone starts calling everyone else names like snowflake, libtard, and a slew of others. So whether you are a trump supporter or a never Trump person or anyone in between or father left or right, let’s talk let’s leave this place better than we find it, let’s set an example for kids on how to lead by talking things out. Let’s be emblematic of Winthrop’s City on a Hill. With that happy monumental day in American history.

In any case Republican, Democrats, and independents feel free to have an open honest conversation with no name calling. And if politics isn’t your thing fine, I understand.

So what show do you wish they hadn’t cancelled in the last 3 years? My kids some how are upset that Fuller house is ending. Personally I want a remake of Urkle.

/giphy Urkle

Happy Thursday