Merry Month of Meh-mas days 4,5,6


Well this has been an eventful week. 2 kids with the flu and @kidsandliz is giving me a failing grade already. With that in mind if I owe you a response you will most likely have one this weekend. Fun times sick ankle biters. They are so needy, if I am half as needy, heck if I am 1/16 as needy my wife will kill me in 11 days.

/giphy vasectomy

In any case we are 19 days from Christmas and all through the house what are you doing?

In my world it is sick kids, finals, grading, making salt water, and dealing with Amazon.

I like amazon, there is a convince of having things show up on my door step and not having to deal with humanity. Here is the issue though, when there is a problem amazon the most customer centric company is less than customer centric. So here is the story. I order a bag of aquarium salt and then the next day I ordered some sharpies, a couple board games for my wife’s class, a new refractometor. Well Amazon sends everything including the salt into one box. No packaging just a paper bag with sharp edges crushed into it. You guessed it my box arrives leaking salt. I point it out to the driver and open it before he leaves. The box looks like a bag of cocaine exploded. The driver says he can take it back. I take a picture and he leaves with the box but unknown to me he picked up another box as well because we was supposed to drop off two and he must have thought he did. Instead of marking the boxes damaged he marks them delivered and takes them and thus begins my amazon saga. First I am told to wait, then to wait some more, then send my security camera video because they didn’t believe what I was saying and finally just minutes ago Amazon issued a refund.

Should be a good weekend the tank is cycling and the kids are feeling better after doses of Tamiflu. So what’s in the works this weekend?

/giphy yellow tang

As a side note if you ever need phytoplankton or copepods check out algae barn.

/giphy algae barn

Now to start reading the blames.