Meh gave me craft herpes.


I got my IRK and would say it’s both the best and most regrettable one yet.

Inside this lovely box of surprises included a glitter “Wish” sign so much glitter it covered the box, the floor, and me in gold glitter.

I also got 3 iPhone x screen protectors… in my all Android house. Which isn’t the worst since I do know Apple users.

Got some baking supplies for kitchen fun with the girls.


/giphy COFFEE

a hat (which is great for Wisconsin winters)

Red meh bag

A stack of meh stickers… to go with my meh shirt and meh tattoo

A box of tracker pixels my kids were excited about until they realized they were dead

A camping pillow case (which my scout will use)

Oh and some lotions… and eye cream. Ironically this will be used because I sell anti-aging products (including an eye cream) and I want to use it as a “comparison” product and see how well the competition does.