Meh Bandages are really Meh!


I’ll be honest, I didn’t search the forum to find out whether this has already been discussed. If it has, just think of this as my endorsement/disagreement with whatever they said…

So I’m out walking 3 dogs and pushing a stroller while my wife carries our baby that has decided she hates her stroller after 15 minutes. Anyway, we come across another dog on the sidewalk. No big deal - most of the time these dogs are fine. They usually do nothing or growl a little if the dog we’re passing barks at them. Well! This was new experience… 2 dogs on a co-leash decide they’re pumped to meet my 3 dogs and pull their owner towards me. Mine react and pull me towards them…into a trashcan. My knee hits a shaving of the plastic trashcan and gives it a nice little hole. No big deal.

We get home about a block later and I find blood all the way down my leg into my shoe. I don’t take blood thinners so maybe I got a real cut on my hands?! I clean it up, put some ointment on it, and stick a trusty Meh bandage on it. It ain’t trusty. Need more stick! I put a second one. No luck. Third? This is the third.
I ain’t mad. I should have known. I also should have a decent first aid kit in the house with a 4 month old. Lesson learned.